Die jüdische Souffleuse

Adriana Altaras reads from her novel
THU 08.11.2018 (08:00 pm)

The actress, director and author Adriana Altaras reads from her book »Die jüdische Souffleuse«. Tragicomically the author throws us, together with two women, into the everyday absurdities of a provincial theatre: the director Adriana and the prompter Sissele. They start arguing during rehearsals of a Mozart opera. Really, they should be the ones who get along! Sissele has been looking for her relatives in vain for decades, who were scattered to the four winds after the second world war. She is convinced, that Adriana is the only one who can still help her! The novel is about an unexpected family reunion and about how the unforgettable stories from the 20th century link with the ones of the later-born.

Reading in german.
Photo: Adriana Altaras, © Gene Glover


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